The Fortnite v21.20 update adds a new Indiana Jones skin set, the Charge SMG, and more.

Epic Games just released the v21.20 update for its tremendously popular battle royale Fortnite. It adds a lot of new and returning weapons and objects, some bug fixes, and general improvements, as well as changes to Creative mode and a new addition to Season 3 Chapter 3 battle pass.

The new element was everyone’s beloved archaeologist, Indiana Jones, who is part of this season’s collection. Today, the Indiana Jones set has launched alongside his battle pass tasks, allowing players to gain access to everything about Indy. There are two pages’ worth of rewards to collect.


Players will get the Indiana Jones Banner, Rogue Archaeology Wrap, Raider’s Relics Pickaxe, Expedition Bag Back Bling, and the unique Indiana Jones costume after completing all of the tasks on the first page. Players can use the Dustoff Emote, Indy’s Escape Spray, Doctor Jones Emoticon, First Misadventure Loading Screen, and Emergency Raft Glider on page two. As a bonus, it also unlocks the Temple Explorer Skin as a skin customization option.

To welcome his arrival, the Island now has a new Shuffled Shrines temple POI. This location, which is full of ancient construction, may be found to the west of The Joneses.


The Charge SMG and the Combat SMG have been discontinued, as well as a new Charge SMG has been introduced to Fortnite. It fires a barrage of projectiles that grow in number with each shot. The classic Port-a-Fort item is also back, allowing players to instantly create a defensive structure. The weapon will be more common in Chests, Supply Drops, and on the ground after the conclusion of Ripsaw Launcher week.

Download Fortnite for free from the official website for Android or use XCloud to play it on iOS to get the Indiana Jones skin.

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