Microsoft Unveils a Pre-Release Version of the Xbox Controller Bar for PC Gamers in Developer Preview State

To use the function, you must be a Windows insider and an Xbox Insider.

Xbox Controller Bar


The new feature, announced Thursday, gives some PC gamers the ability to use their Xbox controller as an onscreen controller bar.

You can’t use it while playing a game. It appears on your home screen or in games. The last three games you’ve played are listed, along with other game launchers like Steam. Some third-party titles may not display correctly, or they could be shown as multiple entries, according to Microsoft.


Xbox Controller Bar

To utilize the feature, PC gamers must be a part of the Windows Insider and Xbox Insider programs and must be testing out the most recent Insider Builds on the Dev and Beta Channels. Here’s how to get access.

1. You must be a Windows Insider running the most recent Insider Preview Build (Build 225xx) on the Dev and Beta Channels.

2. Download the Xbox Insider Hub from the Microsoft Store.

3. Open the Xbox Insider Hub and sign in using your Microsoft Account. If you are not already an Xbox Insider, you will be prompted to join up.

4. Go to Previews and join the Windows Gaming preview after signing in with your account.

5 . Make sure you have installed latest version of Xbox Game Bar (Version 5 AO or higher) from the Microsoft Store on your system

6. Restart your PC. The Game Bar update requires that you restart your computer in order for the controller bar to operate correctly.

7. Connect your controller to the jack.

Push the Xbox button on your controller and the controller bar should open on your screen. The feature is still in testing so you can send feedback to Microsoft if you run into any issues or bugs.

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