Subway Surfers Tag is a new entry in the popular franchise that’s releasing exclusively for Apple Arcade this month

A new Subway Surfers spin-off has been announced by the developer of the long-running game. It’s called Subway Surfers Tag, and it’ll be available exclusively on Apple Arcade on July 15th.


“We’ve been wanting to grow the brand and give a new player experience, and we’re excited to launch it on Apple Arcade,” Eoin O’Doherty, Game Director at SYBO Games, said of the game’s new entry. “It’s not only a fantastic thank-you for 10 years of Subway Surfers topping the charts for iOS users, but it also signifies our first major expansion into another genre in a big way. “

Skate Across Many Ice-Cream Vans In Different Neighborhoods Throughout the City As you skate across four ice-cream vans in various locations throughout the city, you’ll score points for landing jumps, grinding along rails, tagging objectives, and (of course) blasting clean-up crew bots. Why? The same reason we all love playing Subway Surfers. To accumulate a huge high score.

However, the Guard will not allow you to accomplish any of this without a fight. To put an end to your activities, he and his robotic assistants will pursue you. Subway Surfers Tag has various areas to discover and unlock, each with its own set of increasingly challenging foes.

Mathias Gredal Nørvig, SYBO Games CEO, stated about the game: ” Subway Surfers Tag arrives on the heels of our ten-year anniversary as well as the recent acquisition of Sybo by Miniclip, and there is no better way to commemorate it.


“The game is a labor of love, paying homage to our fantastic characters while also retaining the original DNA of Subway Surfers: rebellious, playful, and daring. Take a look at the product page for Coming Soon. We believe our fans will be happy!”

On July 15th, the Subway Surfers Tag will be released on Apple Arcade as part of a free trial. It’s a monthly subscription service that costs $4.99 per month if you’re unfamiliar with it.

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