Soccer Manager 2023 opens up pre-registrations for mobile

In a press release, Invinicibles Studio has announced that its niche yet cult hit series Soccer Manager will see its next version for mobile later this year. The pre-registration for Soccer Manager 2023 will begin today, allowing you to get a head start and prepare for the sequel’s arrival.


Invincibles are experienced in making the series for over 16 years, and they know what they’re doing right now. In addition to other Manager games like Football Manager or Out of The Park Baseball, Soccer Manager has always had a dedicated group of fans, and they’re all counting down the days until the next one comes out. 20223, in particular, will include worldwide SPFL and Bundesliga licenses as well as a slew of partnerships with top clubs in soccer, such as Inter Milan.


The addition of Create-a-Club in 2023 is one of the new features, allowing you to construct your own team within the Soccer industry and even develop it with its own jerseys, players, and coaches. It’s ideal for fans of the management genre because it adds a more immersive experience. All of this comes with an updated engine that improves visuals, animations, artificial intelligence, and even a fresh user interface for the sake of making this the greatest addition to the long-running series yet.

The ultimate Soccer Manager experience is going to be available whether you love the game, the genre, or even the franchise itself. Whether you want to get it as soon as possible, you may pre-register for it right now on the App Store and Google Play.

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