ScourgeBringer, the popular metroidvania roguelike combo, launches onto mobile later this year

Following on from their successful PC release, Blur Studio has announced that the critically celebrated Metroidvania-meets-roguelike ScourgeBringer will be released for mobile devices later this year. Having been available for some time now on most consoles in the world as well as PC, ScourgeBringer has proven to be quite popular among roguelike gamers, and it is hoping to bring its fast-paced tough gameplay across to mobile audiences as well.


ScourgeBringer is a unique blend of genres, to say the least. It’s primarily a roguelike, which implies you can expect many meta-progressions and attempting to clear as many rooms as possible before finally falling, at which point you’ll get right back up and doing it all over again. Between runs, you’ll acquire lots of new equipment, weapons, and consumables until you ultimately reach the conclusion and defeat the game.

As far as what that space clearing entails, consider a 2D platformer with all the intensity of a video game. You’ll be slashing and shooting a wide range of bad guys and enormous bosses in each room. Then you’ll clear out the room and move to the next, repeating this process every time you replay – an easy concept but some quick reactions and precise inputs are required. This is one of those big mobile releases like Dead Souls, which should demonstrate how excellent it is.

Kyhra is a young girl chosen by the planet to save it from destruction. You’ll assume the role of Kyhra as you explore ever-changing labyrinths in an effort to discover the secrets of a long-forgotten monument that might total the world. All you have at your disposal is your trusty combat drone, which you can use to shoot with, and the blade strapped to your waist, but as you go, you’ll learn new methods of combat.

So, whether you like roguelikes or not, ScourgeBringer is one to keep an eye out for. If you’d prefer, you may pre-order it now and get it at $6.99 on the App Store and Play Store. In the meantime, visit the official website to stay up to date on when it’ll be released.

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