Rocket League: Sideswipe launches Season 4, bringing lots of medieval themed cosmetics to the game

The popular mobile car-based sports game Rocket League Sideswipe, an adaptation of the famous console game with the same name, has revealed its next big batch of material with the debut of Season 4. For some time now, Seasonal Content Drops has been rocking this seasonal model of content drops for about two months at a time, and each one has included a new Rocket Pass as well as other new goodies.


Season 4 of Sideswipe is back and more medieval, with axes flying all over the place. The main prize item this time around is the Eggscalibur Arena, which is inspired by an old-school gothic church with stained glass windows and all. This lovely new location to compete within will make you feel as if you’re in the dark ages with rocket-powered fast vehicles zooming through the air attempting to strike a ball.

The new game mode introduced with Season 4, Mutator Madness, is another interesting addition. It will feature a large number of random “mutators,” or modifiers, to your typical match. Things like gravity reversal, square balls, limitless boost, a tire as the ball, and more will be included. This is sure to spice up any person who’s tired of routine match structure and wants to go crazy in a mode that’s focused on funny matches.

Another fantastic element that will be introduced in this season is the use of Crossover Challenges, which allow you to earn items that may be utilized in both Sideswipe and the original Rocket League by simply linking your Epic Games Account. This will enable mobile gamers who dabble with the console version to link the two and receive a lot of rewards in both versions.

With all of this fresh material on the way, now’s a great time to sink your teeth into Rocket League Sideswipe. You may download it for free from the App Store and Google Play if you want to play it yourself.

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