Ready Heroes: Nirvana Hunt is an upcoming idle RPG now open for pre-registration on Google Play

Now available for pre-registration on Google Play, the much anticipated upcoming mobile idle RPG from MoreFun Game Limited – dubbed Nirvana Hunt – is now accessible for pre-registration. The colorful 3D game features a large cast of characters that may be recruited and a plethora of in-game riches that may be collected even if you’re not playing.


In Ready Heroes: Nirvana Hunt, you may expect to recruit a variety of allies as you build your ultimate team. You can choose the greatest formations and character combinations for your squad during battle, then let the action play out as you observe their stunning combat animations. Each fight is complimented by the lively background music.

As you go through the levels, you may improve your firepower by equipping yourself with the appropriate gear to assist you in defeating difficult bosses. If you want to socialise online with other like-minded people, you can join a Guild.


According to the game’s mythology, “To commemorate Nirvana’s 50th birthday, Omni Games – now known as Omnicorp – launched a new contest called ‘The Hunt.’ A number of keys were hidden in each world, with each being guarded by a Boss. The first team of players to gather all of the keys would be given one wish for each member of the team if Ominicorp was able to make it happen. “Naturally, your objective in the game is to collect all those keys.

You may check out the official website for more information, or pre-register on the Google Play Store if you’re interested in learning more about the name and want to know more. You may also keep up with all of the latest news by becoming a member of Facebook‘s fan community.

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