Microscopya is an educational game that takes players on a tour inside the cells of the human body

Beata Science Art’s new game called Microscopya, which is set to release for iOS and Android on July 8th, will take players on a science-themed adventure. The game will be available as a mobile app and will allow players to get a close look at the cells in our bodies’ intricacies and how they perform their functions. The objective of the developers is to spark children’s interest in the STEAM Field.


Microscopia is a love letter to biology in that the game converts well-known scientific facts into stunning hand-drawn images and riddles. Players will be able to explore several molecular mechanisms and discover how the cell maintains life while also learning about other cellular components. It goes much further than “the mitochondria is the cell’s energy plant.”


There’s a lot of personalization, as well as the opportunity to develop your own characters who’ll explore the immersive world that resides within us. Expect to see the plasma membrane’s lipid bilayer, motor proteins, the nucleus, microfilaments, and other items. Everything will be presented in an puzzle-like format where players must complete a variety of activities around that aspect of cell research to learn new information. Microscopia will appeal to people from all ages and walks of life because of its gorgeous depictions.

Dr Beata Mierzwa, Matthew Cooney, Jamie van Dyck, and Atelier Monarch Studios are the spearheads behind Microscopya. The game’s theme is women empowerment by creating a female protagonist so that more girls can see themselves as successful scientists in a world where there aren’t many female role models.

Do you want to learn more about cellular biology? Then, get Microscopya for free by clicking one of the links below.

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