Maplestory M set to launch a two part update throughout the month of July introducing lots of new content and even a brand new class

The free-to-play mobile MMORPG Maplestory M will be releasing two distinct updates throughout this summer season – one starting today and the next to follow later in the month. A new storyline, a new Commander Boss, and additional 5th Job Skills for each job, as well as a new class skill for each class group, are all included in the first update.


The first new story event, dubbed Blockbuster: Black Heaven, will arrive shortly. This will include a quest through six acts that are each divided into 45 episodes. Anyone above level 140 and up can participate in it. The narrative is rather tightly wrapped, so you’ll have to dig in yourself with a late-game character to find out what’s going on.

That new Commander Boss, followed by the new commander boss. Lotus serves as the main antagonist of Black Heaven and may be battled by players with a level 200 or higher who have completed the new narrative. Maplers of similar level caps and above can also try out those new interesting job abilities, and because each one is receiving one from both groups, no one is left behind; so experiment to see what build works best for you!

In celebration of the two-year anniversary, players will receive a brand new playable class and an anniversary update with Summer Update Part 2, which arrives later in the month. That new class is still under wraps, as it is with most of these bits of information, so keep an eye on the Maplestory M Twitter account for more information in a few weeks.

If you’re looking to participate in all of this new material, you may try Maplestory M for yourself completely free on both the Play Store and App Store!

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