LoL: Wild Rift’s upcoming patch 3.3: Shining Bright introduces new Champions, Items, and more

Riot Games has just dropped a slew of new content for League of Legends: Wild Rift, which will be updated with patch 3.3 later this month. The update is called Shining Bright and includes three new champions, additional items, the Wild Pass, and more to the MOBA.



The following three champions will be available in Patch 3.3: Kassadin, the Void Walker from Icathia’s wasteland, followed by Samira, the Desert Rose, and finally Sion, the Undead Juggernaut from Baron Lane. These three will make for strong members of any team that has a good balance of melee and ranged abilities.



The new active item swapping function, which costs only a little bit of gold but saves players the trouble of selling their boots, enchants. A few more enchantments are also on the way. The Repulsor Enchant deflects attackers, and the Magnetron Enchanter allows you to zoom toward your allies while taunting the enemy. Quicksilver and Gargoyle Enchants are being updated as well; the former provides some crowd control immunity and the latter gives a shield for a short period of time. The Shadows Enchant is being phased out with this update, as it was previously unusable in competitive play.

Ranked Mode

The next update will introduce the Legendary Ranked mode, which is a solo, point-based system. This will be unlocked by players who achieve Diamond or higher ranks and can advance through six tiers. Extra perks for this game include special rewards as well as an extra skin boost. Please keep in mind that these matches will only be accessible during special timeframes.


Other Updates

With the Shining Bright patch, Elemental Rift will become the default game mode on Summoners’ Rift for all players. The Stargazer Karma will appear in the Wild Pass, as well as a slew of events.

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