Line Blaster opens up its physics-based puzzles for Android audiences

After a successful launch about a month ago onto iOS, the remaster of Drawtopia, Line Blaster, is set to arrive on Android. Super Smith Bros developed Line Blaster as an independent studio; it’s a physics-based puzzler with over 100 levels, 40 of which are brand new and not from Drawtopia.


This is something that should be simple to understand since the majority of Line Blaster consists of one mechanic: drawing lines. You’ll be trying to get a spherical marble-like thing to reach a goal on the level, leading it all the way. Of course, while this appears easy, it gets considerably more complicated as you go, requiring you to come up with creative ways to draw your line in order for everything to work. This adds in new features such as the new Pinball and multi-shot levels as well as some other new mechanisms that weren’t present in the game’s prequel for good measure.

Make no mistake, though – while Line Blaster is intended to be a straightforward game with minimal graphics, attractive colors, and soothing music, it is still one of those nice puzzlers you can play after a long day at the workplace to unwind. There are no time restrictions or scoreboards in this game; instead, you’ll face off against 100+ levels alone.

This will keep you from getting too anxious about keeping up with current material or climbing through levels to earn in-game goodies or anything else. This is a fantastic, premium puzzler that will entertain you for many hours and make you feel accomplished when you’ve done it.

If you like what you’ve read so far, go to the App Store or Google Play and download Line Blaster for iOS or Android.

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