Gwent: Rogue Mage is the series’ new single-player expansion out now on Android and iOS

CD Projekt Red has just announced a single-player extension for its insanely popular mobile game Gwent: The Witcher Card Game. It is marketed as an addition to the Witcher Card Game, but it is actually a stand-alone product that may be played on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS. Players won’t have to have previously played the multiplayer version or need an internet connection, either. With complete offline capability and crossplay compatibility. Rogue Mage can be played at any time and anywhere.


Gwent: Rogue Mage takes place hundreds of years before the events in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. During the Conjunction of Spheres, when the world was overrun by monsters, it is set. Players will follow Alzur and his companion Lily, both mages, on a perilous journey to create a living weapon that would permanently eliminate the monsters.

The road will not be simple for Alzur, as he will face a plethora of challenges. The game’s roguelike nature does not make the experience any easier. Rogue Mage also includes deckbuilding and strategy components from Gwent. The job of fighting together is huge. They’ll need special mutagens for experiments, which are only found in legendary monsters. Of course, to assist them, they have access to an entire arsenal of magical abilities and cards that may be upgraded to make them even more powerful.

Gwent: Rogue Mage is an offline game, however there are internet leaderboards to spice things up. With mythical riches to discover, frightening monsters to vanquish, and a variety of modifiers to employ, Gwent: Rogue Mage will provide players with a lot of activities to do.

Gwent: Rogue Mage is a premium downloadable game for $9.99.

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