Era of Conquest: How to sign up for the Early Bird event and what you can expect

You may enlist legendary figures from across many civilizations as you expand your territory and rule over all of the realms in Era of Conquest. As the game’s official Early Bird event gets closer on July 14th, players can get ready for the 4X game by pre-registering on Google Play, and here’s what you can anticipate.


Legendary civilisations

The Era of Conquest is a turn-based strategy game set in the medieval period where players may command their own armies and expand their domains from Germany to China. They can not only fortify their troops and advance into battle, but they can also form pacts with other gamers in an all-out war for supremacy.


For example, in the game “Battles of Empires,” you may play as Alexander the Great or Genghis Khan. In addition, there are various heroes from different civilizations that you can encounter, such as Emperor Qin Shihuang (from China), Joan of Arc (“Even after my death, the flag of the Iris will lead France to victory!”) and Frederick I (from Germany).

An expansive map

Players may also travel across the 120km * 120km map at their leisure. As they break through the fog of war, they may discover clues and recover long-lost riches.


The game, which is free to play, features outstanding 3D graphics and lets players compete in huge siege conflicts powered by SRP and DOTS technologies. With every new match, players may enjoy up to 6,000 units on the same screen for added excitement.

Pre-registration is now open

Era of Conquest is a complete game that doesn’t allow anyone to take the upper hand willy-nilly. Because there are no unique resources that players may buy to gain an advantage fast, and because there are also no VIP benefits, the game makes sure that winners earn their success based on ability.


The game also supports cross-platform play across 19 languages for complete immersion at any time, anywhere. Purchases made during the Early Bird period will be refunded once the game officially launches.

If you’re looking for a place to play, you can register for the game’s Early Access phase beginning July 14th to give it a go. Simply create an account on the Google Play Store or official website and login. To stay up to date on all of the latest changes, visit the game’s official Facebook page and sign up for the community.

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