Dicey Dungeons is out now on iOS and Android along with the full Reunion DLC

Dicey Dungeons has now been released on mobile, allowing players to play the roguelike game on the go. The Reunion DLC, which reintroduces all of the contestants from the dice-rolling “game show” with a unique twist, is also included in this version’s mobile launch.


In Dicey Dungeons, players select from six unique characters (who have all been transformed into dice and cursed to play a neverending game show) with distinct gameplay attitudes. They’ll need to try their hand at escaping Lady Luck’s grasp and making it through the procedurally generated floors, which will include everything from phone-obsessed witches to cheerful green slime.

The Reunion DLC, in particular, adds a unique spin to each character’s performance. There are also new foes, different artwork, and altered mechanics to play with.

The Reunion DLC adds several hours of new gameplay, as well as a unique soundtrack by Chipzel and fresh artwork from Marlowe Dobbe. There will also be new cutscenes and content written by Holly Gramazio.

If you’re interested in the name and want to learn more, go over to the Dicey Dungeons official website for further information or download the game from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store. It’s a premium game that costs $4.99 each, or your local equivalent. You may also keep up with all of the newest news by following the official Twitter account, or check out the attached clip to get an idea of how it plays.

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