Cookie Run: Kingdom’s latest update introduces the Financier Cookie alongside Chapter III of the Cookie Odyssey and new in-game mechanics


Devsisters has released a new content update for their fantastic and delectable mobile RPG Cookie Run: Kingdom. The update, like previous ones, includes a new cookie called the Financier Cookie and a continuation of the popular Cookie Odyssey tale, as well as many additional activities.


Let’s start with Financier Cookie, an Epic Defence hero who leads from the front of the squad. She wears gleaming white and gold armor and slays opponents with her sharp blade. In English, Marissa Lenti (Borderlands 3, Dragon Ball Super) has voiced Financier Cookie, while additional voices were provided by Moon-young Sa, Ryoka Yuzuki, Carey Yang, Punthita Lekcharoen, Linda Fischer in Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese French and German respectively.

The third chapter of the Cookie Odyssey, Heroes of the Light, follows. It will explain the meaning behind the Soul Jams, which were mentioned in the previous chapter. You’ll have to read the story yourself for additional information. The Magic Candies are from Cookie Run: OvenBreak and are essentially used to boost a Cookie’s stats or entirely create a new one. It appears that Purple Yam, Espresso, and Vampire Cookie will be getting their own sweets for upgrades.


That’s not all, either. A new Master Mode is also on the way for Cookie Run: Kingdom, which will allow players to re-experience the story at a greater difficulty while also providing more rewards and features. Also keep an eye out for additional in-game mechanisms such as the Cookie Ascension System, Magic Workshop, and Sky Garden.

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