Boxing Star is celebrating its fourth birthday with a slew of free materials, as well as some fresh material.

Boxing Star is celebrating its fourth anniversary with a new update, including a brand-new boss fight, the option to improve your protective apparel, brand-new in-game rewards, and various cosmetics for fighters based on the holiday.



First, the boss fight against Gregory the world’s toughest villain, who resembles Punch-Out’s Gregory. In boss mode, you’ll engage Gregory on a special boss stage while dealing with his cunning assaults and brilliant talents, as well as his super-powerful gear.

However, you won’t be too far behind if you improve your gear yourself by overpowering it, giving it new abilities and increased defense. This is most likely how you’ll be able to combat this new strong opponent in the future, as overpowering your gear will make you considerably more powerful and survivable.

The fourth-anniversary mission event is next. This one is rather simple, simply completing a list of in-game operations and challenges, such as defeating x number of bosses in boss mode, and obtaining all sorts of in-game rewards and powerup materials when completed. Alongside the daily bonuses you’ll receive just for signing into the game, this means you can expect to receive a lot of free handouts to assist you on your boxing career.

Finally, there are a few new cosmetic accessories available as rewards for simply playing the game throughout the anniversary event’s runtime. So, with all of this free stuff you can earn, there’s never been a better time to play Boxing Star! You may download it for free on both the App Store and Google Play if you wish to do so yourself.

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