Arcaea launches its highly-awaited conclusion to the main narrative along with new songs

Arcaea, a mobile rhythm game with a massive following of over 100,000 Twitter followers in Japan, has at last released version 4.0 after months of speculation. This latest update adds the climactic conclusion to the main narrative as well as new songs and a unique gameplay mode for gamers to explore.


The first Main Story Pack, “Final Verdict,” debuted alongside the new Course Mode and final Main Story Pack in November. This climactic conclusion has more than four extra tracks that may be purchased for $4.99 or your local equivalent.

Arcaea is celebrating its five-year anniversary and eight million downloads across the world with a limited-time bundle for past events. For a reduced price, players may purchase “Eternal Core,” “Vicious Labyrinth,” “Luminous Sky,” “Adverse Prelude” and “Black Fate.”

The new songs, as well as the brand-new Course Mode, will put players’ stamina to the test by requiring them to complete “Boss Rush”-styled levels in order to earn special award nameplates for the ultimate bragging rights. After all, this is a game known for its difficult qualities.

The game’s name is Arcaea, and it was released on Android devices in May 2018. If you’re interested in the title and want to learn more, go over to the Arcaea official website for additional information or download the game from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. You can also keep up with all of Arcaea’s latest news by following the official Twitter account or watching the video below to get a feel for how it looks, works, and plays overall.

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