“Alchemist Code” tier list is based on the characters’ element rankings

There are a lot of units in Alchemist Code, and with all of the collaborations the game has received thus far, that number will only rise. However, not every unit is deserving of your resources. Especially if you’re a free-to-play player who must manage your resources and maximize their efficiency.

In order to answer the question “is this unit worthwhile investing in?” we created a ranking of all the characters in Alchemist Code based on our own gameplay experience and all of the data we’ve gathered from community feedback.

Alchemist Code

There are a few points to consider when reviewing Alchemist Code tier list.

  • The ranks of the units are determined by their performance in PvE, with their optimal builds, as it pertains to their position and element.
  • In other words, at lower levels or without the necessary equipment, some of these units may not operate as expected. Some units are also rated highly because of their interactions with other units in the current meta. Without these relationships, they would be significantly worse.
  • It’s also beneficial to know which units are regarded to be the greatest alternatives in the game as a new player, but not all of them are easy to come by or more importantly, it’s difficult to fully max them out. Furthermore, future game upgrades might alter the present state of the game; therefore, always keep that in mind.

Let’s get started, starting first with all that has been said before!

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