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Beast Brawl is a free-to-play mobile dungeon crawler where adventurers control Summoners and Beasts. Rotate between your Summoners, raise newly hatched Beasts, conquer every unique procedurally generated map, amass that loot mountain and most importantly, stake your place in the global rankings!
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Baikun Interactive
May 7, 2023
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In Beast Brawl Mod Apk, players form a team of 1 human character and 3 beasts to explore locations, fight enemies, find loot and upgrade. The game has 4 different environments for users to discover with various types of objects strewn about. Furthermore, heroes must complete the main quest as well as weekly quests in order to progress and receive rewards essential for developing their character.

About Beast Brawl Mod Apk

Unleash your inner water god in Beast Brawl and take control of monsters to destroy dungeons. Dark forces are on the rise, awakening a god who specializes in destroying them. This water god carries the power of water with the desire to purify all dark forces. The dungeons are back, and active in them are unique monsters. The Water God needs your help to destroy the monsters she creates during battle. Summoner is one of her attributes, so there will always be animals she summons. The water god needs your help, the dungeons need you, and this god bravely destroys.

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The water god had been awake for some time and heard the cries for help before darkness fell. The dark forces have long been sleeping with the water god, who has now regained enough strength to resurrect them. They want revenge on those who had banished them long ago. The water god has just awoken and is in front of a multitude of monsters, not yet full of power. You have been chosen to be her companion, and the demons will help you fight alongside her. Join the water god to awaken powerful beasts so that you can go into the dungeon together. Join the beast horde with the water god once again to fend off attacks from dungeon monsters.

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Monster awakening

The dungeon had been sealed for a long time but was now teeming with life once again. However, this excitement brought death when the monsters that awoke were stronger than ever before. They had gained enough strength and now wanted to escape the water god’s hunt. The monsters are very confident, so we need to work with the water god to break their trust. Although the water god won against them before, it might not be as easy this time. Luckily, you will have a chance to assist her and see all the fighting between creatures for yourself. Participate in every war with the water god and help return the dungeon to its original state of peace.

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Good and evil

In the game, you will have to choose between two types of evil. You join the side of monsters who follow a water god. This god has the power to summon creatures that help fight other monsters in dungeons. The people serving her are those who failed against her before and now seek revenge. The water god had been asleep for centuries, and the dungeon monsters saw their opportunity to take revenge. The water god’s old beasts were now few and far between, which would make her lose. Help this water god create new species of monsters and use them to fight back.

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Monster Unlock

In Real-time action gameplay, players’ success is based on their positioning, the composition of their teams, and how they react to ever-changing circumstances against swarms of monsters; this provides a new and innovative spin on the action genre.

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60 animals and 250 abilities sound like a lot to hatch, but don’t worry, you can do it! Not only that, but explore 15 different places while you’re at it. procedural generation guarantees that each adventure map is unique, as well as the hazards faced and how they interact with their environment.

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Beast Brawl Mod Apk is the perfect game that allows players to take control of monsters and fight their way through a variety of scenarios. With real-time action gameplay and 250 abilities, this game is sure to provide hours of entertainment. So, download Beast Brawl Mod Apk at UpToMods today and start your monster-fighting journey!

What's new

Harvest Event
- Exclusive beast Golden Hydra

- Premium Pass users can now enjoy autoloot

Drop Rate Increases
- 4 and 5* drop rates have been doubled for BP 50K - 200K areas

New Gear Conversion Mechanics
- Gear substats can now be converted to a new substat.
- Gear set effect can now be converted to a random new set effect
- Mythic (green) gear can now be converted to a new item belonging to the same set.

- Improvements and changes to Solar, Storm and Frost traitlines



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