Vikingard codes claim some gold without looting

Vikingard codes claim some gold without looting update on October 07, 2022 – Added New Codes

We don’t want you to go anywhere else for your Vikingard codes. Get them all in one place with our latest and greatest active gift certificate! Whether it be a beginner or an expert; there is something here that will suit everyone’s needs – including some great rewards like resources & lucky vouchers as well gold bars (of course).


Activation Vikingard codes are working

Here are all the active codes in this game right now. They’re not case sensitive so you can use them however works best for your needs!



  • VKrelanding
  • diligentVK
  • Viking0308
  • vikingard0321 – 300 Gold, 8 Lucky Vouchers, 1 Gjallarhorn, 10 Aptitude Snake Fang Shards, 80
  • Bronze Ingots, 60 Black Iron Ingots, 2M Food
  • happy2022
  • vikingexodo


How to change the code in Vikingard

To redeem your gift code, follow these simple steps:

1. Tap on your profile icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
2. Navigate to the Settings tab in the bottom right.
3. Tap on the Gift Code icon.
4. Type in your code and hit the “Claim” button.
5. Enjoy your free goodies!

The warehouse is a great place to find all of your active codes, but make sure you claim them before their expiration date! You can keep track of how many days each code has left by looking at its details page in the game’s online store.

We are constantly updating this list to ensure that you stay up-to-date with the latest gift codes. So make sure and check back often as we’re doing our best in adding every working code when it becomes available! Don’t miss out on any exclusive events either they’ll be happening mostly through Facebook’s official account (although there may also exist other ways).

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