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The popularity of 2D fighters may not be as high as other competitive games, but it has one of the most dedicated fan bases. Super Smash Bros has been the game to play for so long that competitors like Brawlhalla have had to emerge.

Brawlhalla combines the most endearing features of the genre with a sustainable revenue model. Players must invest either time or real money to gain access to in-game content like legends and cosmetics, even though the game is free to play. You’ll almost certainly collect all of the legends throughout your Brawlhalla career, but you won’t be able to finish your roster.

There are a lot of cosmetics to choose from in Brawlhalla, so you’ll want to take advantage of every opportunity to grow your skin collection. Redeeming code is an excellent method to get some free makeup. After-sales or special offers, these codes typically become accessible.

As more codes become available, previous ones will terminate. To redeem the following codes, go to the Brawlhalla Store page. Look for the “Redeem Code” button and input your code into the window that appears.

Brawlhalla skins

Brawlhalla codes

To get any one of the listed skins for free, all you have to do is click on the link we’ve provided and follow the instructions to receive the unique code. To discover the redemption page, go to your game’s ‘Store’ and tap on the cog-like button at the bottom right of the screen.

Some of these passwords only need a Twitch or Twitter account to access, so be sure you have one or have a friend who will not play the game and is willing to share the codes with you.

Working Brawlhalla codes – October 06, 2022

There are not currently any active Redeem codes for Brawlhalla.

Some links for free Brawlhalla skins

  • 408J7W-RZAW18 – Dark of Night Bundle code – NEW!

Aside from the Prime Gaming promotion, there are no other active codes.

Brawlhalla campaigns and gift codes

  • KB9J89-D6XE86 – Grovewarden Bundle code (Prime Gaming one-time redemption only)
  • 5XYGQH-H0S21H (Enlightened Bundle code from Prime Gaming)
  • NPKN01-YR1NG5 (Katars of the Raven Skin)
  • 6D885W-DRTD9W (Raven’s Talon Scythe Skin)

How to get Brawlhalla codes?

Brawlhalla doesn’t give out codes very often, but when they do, you can be certain that they will be available on their social media platforms, most notably on their Twitter Brawlhalla page.

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