AFK Arena codes: diamonds, gold and Hero Scrolls

AFK Arena codes: diamonds, gold and Hero Scrolls updated on October 06, 2022 – Added New Codes

AFK Arena is the latest game to come out of nowhere and take over our lives. Don’t know how AFKing works? Or have some questions about which codes work best for you! No problemo – just pick one off this list (or more!) I’ve provided below so that way it’ll be easier than ever getting your hands on an awesome code from the arena.”

The game is called “Idle RPG” for a reason. You don’t need to do anything but play, but playing this idle game always leaves you feeling more involved and excited than before! When your heroes take out enemies with ease or make clever use of their surroundings while exploring new areas – all the while blasting away at whatever gets in their way-you feel proud because they’re good at what they do (I know I certainly am).

The AFK Arena codes are a way for players to get rewards while they’re away from their computer screens. No more waiting around or sitting at home bored out of your mind, just enter the provided code in-game and start earning points!

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The latest AFK Arena codes working

  • HAPPY333 – 2000 Diamonds, 10x Stargazer Scrolls, 10x Common Hero Scrolls, 10x Faction Scrolls (New!)
  • Brutus2022 – 300x Diamonds, 300,000 Gold
  • afk888 – 300 Diamonds, 20,000 Gold, 100 Hero’s Essence
  • NISHUNEN – 10x Stargazers, 2000x Diamonds, 10x Common Hero Scrolls, 10x Faction Scrolls
  • misevj66yi – 60 Rare Hero Soulstones, 500 Diamonds, and five Common Hero Scrolls
  • uf4shqjngq – 30 Common Hero Scrolls
  • Talene2022 – 300 Diamonds, 200k Gold

Expired codes

  • kgs9frutwp – 200x Diamonds
  • kgtgr35pwz – 200x Diamonds
  • kayd7grgvi – 600x Diamonds, 6 Hours of all resources
  • J9v5yeqm76
  • j5mjxtdpia – 60x Elite Hero Soul Stone, 300x Hero Dust
  • ithg8qup87 – 10x Time Emblems
  • iybkiwausg – 500x Diamonds
  • LORDDREAF – 3000x Diamonds, 10x Common Hero Scrolls, 10x Stargazing Cards, 10x Time
  • Emblems
  • jinsuo666 – 500x Diamonds, 5x 8 Hours All Resources
  • i4hhzxxvj7 – 120 Rare Hero Soulstones, 60 Elite Hero Soulstones, EXP, Dust Chest
  • i4musq8dr6 – 1000 Diamonds, 10 Summon Scrolls
  • i43a5pk3jw – 60 Elite Soulstones, 600 Diamonds, 1x 24-Hour Gold
  • AFK2022 – 10 Summon Scrolls, 10 Faction Scrolls, 10 Time Emblems, 888 Diamonds, 8888 Lab
  • Coins, 8888 Hero Coins
  • y9ijrcnfsw – 10 Common Hero Scrolls, 90 Elite Hero Soulstones, 5x 8 Hour Gold, EXP, Essence

AFK Arena is a game where you can win free prizes by using active codes. If that doesn’t work, try changing your language to Chinese and redeeming again!

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How to redeem code for AFK Arena

The new way to redeem your codes is more complicated than the old one. You can’t just open up a menu in-game and get instant credit, but don’t worry! I’ll give you an easy guide on how this works anyway – it’s actually not too hard once you know what Hi League Cash does (and no, they’re not going anywhere).

  • Click the official CD-key website link.
  • Your UID (User ID) can be found in-game. It’s on your profile – click the avatar and then find User ID under the Details page
  • You should receive a verification code in your mailbox.
  • Use the key to log in and review your profile information.
  • When the window pops up, type in your redeem codes and hit Redeem. You should receive a message that says “Success!” if everything went well!
  • Wait, you want to know what rewards I got? Of course! Here they are.

Codes for Heroes

Codes for Soulstones are hard to come by, but there is a way you can get your hands on some. The currently active AFK Arena code in order either Elite or Rare stones reward the player with powerful heroes that will help defend their cities from outside threats!

Keep checking back because we’ll keep you up-to-date with the latest codes as they pop up! You can also claim more goodies in similar games such as Illusion Connect Code, Alchemy Starred Door Codes, and many others.

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