Warpath codes and how to redeem them

Warpath codes and how to redeem thems updated on: October 06, 2022 – Added New Codes

Warpath is coming to a theater near you! Get your tickets now and unlock the latest codes for all of its content. Below, find an updated list with every released promo Warpath code so far – there are many more on their way soon though.

Warpath is an engaging and challenging real-time strategy game that allows you to carefully plan your moves in order for victory. Warpath is one of those rare games that packs in the hours with its fast-paced, action packed battles. In this strategy title you’ll never have to wait for an upgrade or suffer through another long pause while waiting on something else; every decision matters because there’s no turning back after starting a new game!

The game is a mix between strategy and action. You can use your abilities to strategically plan out how you’re going take down enemies or just go with the flow, taking advantage when opportunities arise! To make things more interesting for yourself though there’s also items called Warpath codes which will give extra loot if redeemed – so don’t miss them because these handy little slips are easier than ever before thanks in large part due their digital nature (no longer requiring paper).

Don’t worry about missing a single code! We’ll update this page regularly, so you can bookmark it and check back often.

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How to redeem Warpath codes step-by-step

To redeem your codes, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Warpath redemption page.
  2. Enter your UID in the required field. This can be found in-game by tapping on your profile icon. next to your Commander’s name, there will be small white letters that say “ONLINE ID: XXXXXXXX”.
  3. You should find an email with the title “Verification Code” in your game mailbox. Read it and type what you see on Warpath’s redemption center page, then hit submit for instant access!
  4. Use this code to log into your account and redeem your rewards.
  5. Select the character you want to receive the rewards, and then enter the codes.

We hope you’re enjoying the rewards! You should receive them shortly.

Active Warpath codes to redeem

Here are all the codes that have currently been released in Warpath. Make sure you redeem them before they expire!

  • modernunits
  • HAPPY2022

Warpath expired codes

  • FathersDay2022
  • HappyDay
  • MothersDay2022
  • TY21
  • Easter2022
  • anniversary2022
  • HauntedMansion
  • Airforce2021
  • Demolition_Ranch
  • JCVD_2021
  • SUMMER2021
  • Dollarplays
  • Join_Discord_Now
  • Peace_Treaty
  • MothersDay2021
  • GiftCode101
  • @westie
  • @whang
  • @cartoonz
  • @tko
  • @baronvontactics
  • @phly
  • @evan
  • @dezgamez
  • @isp
  • @bitwit
  • @thedooo
  • @twins
  • @warfare
  • @simplehistory
  • @jmwfilms
  • @kandG
  • AprilFoolsDay2021
  • @drewski
  • @Kentucky
  • @awesome
  • @markfelton
  • @notabene2021
  • @Demolition
  • @zanny
  • @angrycops
  • Warpath2021
  • Warpath_iOS
  • valentine2021
  • theSpringFestival
  • Nywp
  • IN
  • OUT
  • GAME
  • Easter2021
  • TrickorRetreat
  • warpath001
  • warpath_cp
  • warpath_bvg
  • warpath_ojg
  • santajack
  • TDAY20
  • merryxmas

Would you like to see a list of all the expired codes? Let us know by leaving an comment below and we’ll get it updated ASAP!

Cannot redeem Warpath codes?

However, it seems that the option to redeem codes for Warpath has been taken down recently. The developers are aware of this and plan on putting back up an active one soon enough! The game’s Facebook page has announced that they will be upgrading and optimizing their Gift Code function, which means the use of Promo Codes is temporarily unavailable.

We’ve been waiting with bated breath for the return of gift codes. And it’s finally here! We received an email this morning telling us that they will be available again soon, and as expected there is also going to be some sort compensation sent via in-game mailbox so everyone gets their rewards without even having done anything yet (although you do have until September 30th).

We hope you stay with us in the future so that you don’t miss out on any of our great deals!

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