Subway Surfers Codes – Free Coins and Keys

We’ll keep you updated on new codes as they become available. You should use these as soon as possible because you never know when they will run out! All of these codes have been tested and are still valid on the date of this post’s publication. If you come across one that has expired, please let us know the specific code in the comments below so we can remove it from our list!

Using Subway Surfers Codes, you may receive anything from new people to Keys and character skins, which is a fantastic method to save time and money.

Subway Surfers Codes – Updated September 26, 2022

It’s easy to forget that Subway Surfers offers a redeem codes option when you’re rushing about trying to earn crazy high scores. Players can use the coupons to obtain anything from Keys to characters and character skins, which is definitely a nice way to save money or several hours of time.

So, if you want to obtain some terrific freebies, these Subway Surfers coupons are definitely worth a try! We’ll look at all of the available codes in the game below, and you should use them right away because they aren’t generally available for long periods of time!

Before we look at the rules, let me show you how to use them if you’re new to the game!


Subway Surfers Codes

If you’re signing up for a new account, make sure you type in the Subway Surfers passwords exactly as they appear here – if it’s in caps, make sure you type those in as well. They are case-sensitive, so if you don’t input the codes correctly, they might not function.

Active Codes

No active codes today

Code has expired

  • giftDiscord2124 (Redeem this code to get 7,000 Coins, 7 Keys, and 1 Mystery Box)
  • thebest9
  • RunnerUp888 (Redeem this code to get 8,000 Coins and 8 Keys)
  • hellochangan (Redeem this code to get 5,000 Coins and 5 Keys)
  • 9yearsrunning (Redeem the code to get 9,000 Coins, 9 Keys and 1 Mystery Box)
  • 2infinity (Redeem the code to get 3,000 Coins. 3 Keys, 1 Score Booster and 1 Mega Headstart)
  • houstonkeys (Redeem the code to get 6 Keys)
  • springtime (Redeem the code to get 5,000 Coins and 5 Keys)
  • hoppyfriday (Redeem the code to get 5 Keys and 1000 Coins)
  • eggstremecoins (Redeem the code to get 5,000 Coins)
  • fridaycheers (Redeem the code to get 1,000 Coins and 5 Keys)
  • instalove200k (Redeem the code to get 5,000 Coins and 4 Keys)
  • sybotv5milion (Redeem the code to get a Mystery Box)
  • funfriday2 (Redeem the code to get 3,000 Coins and 3 Keys)
  • happyfriday3 (Redeem the code to get 3,000 Coins and 3 Keys)
  • HappyHolidays2020 (Redeem the code to get Mimi)
  • luckyday2021 (Redeem the code to get 8,000 Coins)
  • singaporedollars (Redeem the code to get 5,555 Coins)
  • instalove100k (Redeem the code to get 5,000 Coins, 6 Keys and 1 Hoverboard)
  • funkyfriday1 (Redeem the code to get 3,000 Coins and 3 Keys)
  • sybotv5million (Redeem the code to get 5,000 Coins and 5 Keys)
  • Diablo60 (Redeem the code to get Diablo and 5 Keys)
  • DiabloNow (Redeem the code to get Diablo)

Code change instructions

To use the code, just follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. To access the Settings menu, go to the top right corner of the screen and select it.
  2. Select the Unlock Code option from the drop-down menu.
  3. Enter your redemption code and press confirm.

Hope you get your award soon. For the time being, this is all you need to know about Subway Surfers Codes, but we’ll keep you up to speed as soon as we hear about new ones.

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