Rocket League codes to redeem

Rocket League codes to redeem updated on: October 06, 2022 – Added New Codes

The process of how to redeem exclusive Rocket League codes has never been easier. We will show you what steps are necessary and give a quick rundown on where things can go wrong so that no one else in your family ends up without their very own set!

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With so many different customization options, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll find something for everyone.

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All active codes of Rocket League

  • popcorn: To unlock the Limited Popcorn Rocket Boost.


  • rlnitro – Breakout: Nitro Circus decal and Antenna.
  • bekind – VCR Limited Topper.
  • couchpotato – Couch Potato Limited Player Title.
  • Rlbirthday – Two WWE banners, antennas, and wheels.
  • SARPBC – SARPBC logo, song, car, and Moai Antenna.
  • Shazam – Shazam Limited Decal and Shazam Limited Wheels.
  • Truffleshuffle – Octane: The Goonies Limited Decal.
  • Wrestlemania – WWE banners, antennas, and wheels.
  • WWE18 – WWE banners, antennas, and wheels.
  • wwedads – WWE banners, antennas, and wheels.

IIntroducingRocket League codes

Rocket League codes are the perfect way to get special items in-game. Developers offer a variety of cosmetic stuff, customizable options, and more! If you want your ride to look stunning while playing football with friends then redeem one today for access to all these wonderful accessories.

How can you redeem the code?

Follow these easy steps listed below to redeem your rewards instantly.

  • Head to the extras section and jump right in!
  • The next step after loading up that menu is to find a tab called Redeem Codes.
  • All you have to do is copy one of the codes below, and paste it in there.
  • Go ahead and paste your code into the box to receive all of its rewards.

Where can you get new codes?

Want to get your hands on some exclusive Rocket League codes? We’ll keep you up-to-date with all of the latest releases, so be sure not to miss out by bookmarking this page! You can also visit their Facebook or Twitter account where there’s a chance for one lucky fan to claim what they offer exclusively.

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