Do you have any friends who play Mario Kart Tour? Share your friend codes here so we can share them with the list!

The release of Mario Kart Tour on Android and iOS devices worldwide has officially happened, and it’s quite excellent. However, the microtransactions and subscription model are keeping our eyebrows raised for now…

Nonetheless, we enjoy playing Mario Kart with our friends, and just like all the other Mario Kart games, this one allows you to build a fantastic collection of pals to play against.

There was a little snafu at the debut. Mario Kart Tour didn’t have a true multiplayer mode when it debuted. Disaster, I’m sure, and while it was unclear why Nintendo would launch such a large mobile game without such a fundamental feature, it is now here and you’ll need a list of pals to play with.

Mario Kart Tour codes friends

That is precisely what this tutorial is for. You may begin to provide your friend code in the comments below so we can create a strong center for finding friends in Mario Kart Tour.

Mario Kart Tour is a surprisingly substantial Mario Kart game, limited only by the lack of a multiplayer component. It has a large number of tracks, drivers, karts, gliders, and other features to discover if you put in the effort. Also, friends can only improve upon it.

If you want to add me, the rest of the Pocket Gamer crew, or any other member of the team, just use my friend code below. Then check out the comments for more information on how to join in!

…deleted! My Mario Kart Tour friend code has received so many additions that my game freezes when I try to load my friend requests. Sorry, everyone!

You can add me by entering my nickname into the Add Friends section of your friend list. We’ll play together once multiplayer is a reality!

Then until then, you may compare your ranking score to mine – but don’t be too jealous.

Leave your friend codes in the comments and tell us what you think of Mario Kart Tour!

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