LEGO Tower codes

LEGO Tower codes September 26, 2022 – Checked for new codes

Are you looking for Tower LEGO codes to obtain unique items and enhance your game? You’ve come to the correct spot since we’ve gathered a number of functioning keys that may assist you.

The LEGO Tower is a construction game in which you construct Minifigures throughout the city as a builder. You’ll be building apartments, palaces, and a variety of residential structures while playing LEGO Tower.

The game not only focuses on constructing buildings, but also on improving your trading abilities. You’ll be trading land and goods with other firms, as well as your pals, throughout the duration of the project.

The game features several characters to select from, including Diner Waitress, Explorer, Ninja, Nurse, Pop Star, Warrior Woman, Astronaut, Space Fan and Zombie. You may also purchase vehicles, as well as other expensive goods, using the money you’ve earned from commerce.LEGO Tower codes

Secure Communication

  • covid19 – Redeem code for H0248 head (head with facemask)
  • PIZZA – Redeem code for T0289 Minifigure Torso with Pizza design
  • 6000 – Redeem code for Roof inspired by LEGO Idea Book (1980)
  • 21310 – Redeem code for the Old Fishing Store roof
  • 21318 – Redeem code for IDEAS Tree House roof
  • BARRACUDA – Redeem code for Barracuda Lobby
  • PIRATES – Redeem code for Pirate Ship roof

Expired Code Reminders

  • JULY4
  • BETAClub

What are the requirements for redeeming LEGO Tower coupons?

Use the LEGO Technic Demo (gray) to build the Tower.

Locate a ticket symbol on the home screen.

Copy a code from the list above and then tap on it.

Paste the code inside the box and tap Redeem to receive your points.

What other LEGO Tower numerical codes are there?

The LEGO Tower codes are posted on the official Facebook page of the game, and the developers post them whenever there’s an announcement. You may also bookmark this page so that you can check back for updated codes as we add them. Keep in mind that LEGO Tower passwords are time-sensitive and typically expire after a set number of uses.

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