Last Shelter Survival codes

Last Shelter Survival codes updated on: October 07, 2022 – Added New Codes

The following is a list of current Last Shelter: Survival codes. We’ve verified their functionality and they are currently working as intended, so use these at your own risk!

Last Shelter: Survival is a new, immersive experience that takes you into the grounds of an abandoned underground complex. You’ll need to fight for your life against mindless monsters in this persistent Online Game for IOS and Android where every player starts as someone else – until they die.


The zombies are coming and it’s up to you whether or not survive. The last shelter is falling apart, so rebuild now! Or turn into one of them walking dead people who just want brains with no sense? There’s plenty out there already; what about yourself getting eaten first in this scenario?

How to redeem Last Shelter: Survival codes?

Finishing the tutorial is a must for new players. It shouldn’t take more than five or ten minutes, but make sure you’ve played through it at least once before moving on to other stages in-game!

Once you’ve done that, tap on the ‘Menu’ button at the bottom right of your screen. That will expand the menu and reveal a few more options. What we want to do then is tap the three dots (period) symbto to go into Settings mode from there! With the activation codes option on your right, tap it and enter one of these Last Shelter: Survival traitors. You can either type exactly as you see it or copy/paste from our list for an even easier time! That’s all—you’re good to go once that’s done claiming rewards in your mail inboxes automatically (and swiftly).


Active codes

  • Ls888 : Redeem this code to receive the following rewards: 1k Diamonds, x2 Super Recruitment Ticket x2, Allow Barrel x20, Defensive Components x10, War Horn x50, 10k Food x50, 10k Fuel x50, 6,4k Lumber x50, 4,8k Iron x50, 5k Cash x10, 5 min Speed-Up x50, 1 hour Speed-Up x5

Expired codes

  • XjZ1NwbqpvXwkH_xt
  • XfNOuuknlGPootA_le
  • PoRLxL2PtVQqAcw_el
  • ggtCr3ssLvW5yXy_NX
  • Rfg3nIeqcgLg2X2_Pv
  • oztrSrsCC4aJ7OG_V4
  • cxgvlpLhpaumstf_Km

About Last Shelter: Survival cheat codes

Be aware of these sites that offer Last Shelter: Survival cheat codes and generators. Some might ask you to download an app or even make a small purchase before sending the ‘codes’. Keep in mind, by doing so much as downloading one item on your device can put you at risk for malware injections which could lead to valuable personal information being lost!

How to get new Last Shelter: Survival codes

The last time we heard from Last Shelter was back in December of 2017 when their Facebook page announced that new codes would be released soon. It has been quite some time since then and it’s not clear whether or not these will come anytime soon but you can follow the game on its official website for updates! We know you’re always looking for the latest deals and Infinity Kingdom codes so check this page! We also have Sword Master Story coupon codes, Rocket League game hacks, or any other new releases on our website.

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