Girls X Battle 2 codes and how to redeem them

Girls X Battle 2 Codes updated on: October 07, 2022

You can acquire free gems and girl shards without much effort.

You may use any of the active Girls X Battle 2 codes below to receive various rewards, including free gems, girl shards, and other goodies. Visit this page on a regular basis to keep up with the latest codes as we will add them when we obtain them.

Girls X Battle 2 is an enhanced version of the original Girls X Battle game. The newest idle style, role-playing game (RPG), from the same creators as GXB_Global and NinjaGirls: Reborn, is available for free download on Google Play Store and App Store.

There are a lot more than a hundred Japanese anime-style characters in the game, each with their own set of skills, traits, rarity, and backstory.

Girls X Battle 2

Concentrate on the girls’ formation

Players must concentrate on their team’s development in order to achieve the greatest outcomes in combat. Create an enchantment in their outfits, as well as get unique antiques, to improve them. Every female character is part of a faction, which includes Ghost, Human, Monster, Fairy, Demon, or Angel. When fighting opponents from opposing factions in battle, the girls will gain bonuses or penalties.

There are several different modes for players to test out, including quizzes, challenges, boss fights, events, and story mode. Players can summon additional girls for their teams by obtaining unit shards, gems, and crystals. Market, Girl Store (Market), Enroll (Enroll), and a variety of other methods also allow players to obtain many women.

What’s even more intriguing is that all fights may be completed with little involvement, as the game includes an “auto-battle” option. All players have to do now is deploy their ladies and collect the rewards.

List of active Girls X Battle 2 codes

  • GXB222 – 30x Advanced Capsules (only for new accounts)

List of expired Girls X Battle 2 codes

  • GXB2FR2ANS – 999x Gems, 10x Advanced Capsules
  • GXB2DE1: Redeem this code to receive 10 Advance Capsule Coins & 910 Gems
  • 2021GXB2: Redeem this code to receive 500 Gems and 5 Advanced Capsule Coins
  • GXB2JP2
  • GXB2JP1
  • 24asdfzq: 188 gems, 80 shards of a star girl
  • 25a99f5a: 100 gems, 40 shards of a 4-star girl
  • fab1df79: 100 gems, 40 shards of a 4-star girl
  • Fab1df79: 188 gems, 80 shards of a star girl
  • GXB2JP1: 100 gems, 40 shards of 4-star girl
  • XmasGirls2: 30x Advanced Capsule Coin

How to redeem Girls X Battle 2 codes?

It’s actually quite simple to redeem codes in Girls X Battle 2. All you have to do is tap the “Menu” button at the bottom right of your screen, which will bring up a new menu. Select the “Redeem” option from the new menu that appears. In the textbox (or simply copy-paste it), type one of the codes listed on our lists and collect your rewards!

Girls X Battle 2 code generators?

When you do an internet search for “Girls X Battle 2 codes,” you’re more than likely to come across “code generators.” Make sure you know what these scams are. Some sites may request your identification (ID, password) or even ask you to download applications. You’re putting your device (and yourself) at risk by doing so. Never give out your account and password, and avoid believing in such websites.

How to get more Girls X Battle 2 codes?

Developers frequently release fresh codes on their social media platforms. You may keep track of all the game news and new information by following the official Facebook page for Girls X Battle 2. Of course, you may always visit this site to see whether we add any new codes.

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