Final Gear Codes – Free System Upgrades

In Final Gear, you take on the role of a beautiful maiden pilot who controls powerful mechs. With over 100 different pilots to choose from and extensive customization options for your mech, you can create a character that perfectly represents you. Then take them into battle on dynamic maps in thrilling side-scrolling shooter action.

Check this guide for a comprehensive list of in-game freebies, like system upgrades, gold, and crystals. This page is updated often to ensure that you always have the most recent codes available to use.

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Final Gear Codes – Updated October 07, 2022

You don’t have to look any further. We’ve gathered all the latest Final Gear Codes and put them in a list for your convenience.

With its charming anime aesthetics, cute girl characters, and mecha mechs, the mobile RPG that feels more like a shooter with adorable girls has apparently won over many (including myself). The game’s play style and method of auto-play are unlike anything we’ve seen before. You can anticipate ahead of time and choose which direction you want your characters to go, what you want to attack first, and much more.

Codes Active

Currently, there are several Final Gear Codes available in the game. However, these codes will only be valid for a limited time before they expire. Make sure to claim them before it’s too late!

  • Gametoons 
  • Kakarot197 
  • Aisha 
  • AAruntiwa 
  • FGSNS001
  • GachaGamer
  • CDawgVA
  • ShortyBlueJova
  • Blitz
  • VinIsHere
  • OhBIGz 
  • MechaGaikotsu
  • BorkonoGaming
  • MRSilver 
  • FGCC10A1
  • YDCBGames
  • Trashtaste
  • FG3000
  • Mtashed
  • MangoSeven
  • Cha0tik
  • SomeMoe

Codes has expired

  • MogawtyGaming 
  • Tectone 

Instructions for Redeem Code in Final Gear

Only after completing stages 1-4 from the Main Story can you redeem the code. The steps to do so are listed below:

  1. Select the Settings option (if you can’t see it, click the arrow to expand the menu below your player profile)
  2. Select the option Enter Activation Code.
  3. Enter your Final Gear code, then confirm it. That’s all there is to it! Your prize will be transferred to your account immediately.

How can I get more Final Gear gift codes?

There are a few methods to get more gift codes right now, but some of the ones we mentioned haven’t shown up on them yet. However, one of the ways to gain more codes is through the Official Facebook page, Twitter, and Discord may also be shared. If you don’t want to go looking all over for it, you can always return here since we intend to keep this page up-to-date.

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