Exos Heroes coupon codes

Exos Heroes coupon codes October 06, 2022 – checked for new codes

Are you looking for some free goodies as you start a new adventure in LINE Games’ RPG? Exos Heroes coupons may be used to receive the items that are rare, such as Xes.

Exos Heroes has hosted several activities to commemorate the game’s launch anniversary recently, including the introduction of new characters, items, and even some modifications to existing features.

We’re about to get into it, but first, we have some additional freebies for you if you fall into the same category as us: you have more than one game going at the same time. You can redeem any of the Zombie Frontier 4 Gift Codes, Mobile Legends redeem codes, or Epic Seven codes for your preferred game.Exos Heroes coupon

The codes for the Exos Heroes are now available.

  • Exos – Redeem code for 500 Xes
  • Heroes – Redeem code for 300 Xes

Expired Codes

  • minea – Redeem code for 400 Levi Stones
  • alphaomega – Redeem code for 300k Gold
  • karin – Redeem code for 5 Mu
  • Prithiof
  • Tereia – Redeem code for 3 Nation Recruit Tickets
  • Athlon – Redeem code for 3x Nation Recruit Tickets
  • bernavas – Redeem code for 3 Nation Recruit Tickets
  • Flower – Redeem code for 200 Xes
  • Greenland – Redeem code for Nation Recruit Tickets
  • Summer – Redeem code for Nation Recruit Tickets
  • Marinos – Redeem code for 300 Xes
  • Bloodedrhapsody – Redeem code for 700 Xes
  • KR2NDBIRTHDAY – Redeem code for 700 Xes
  • Schmid – Redeem code for 300 Xes
  • Dana – Redeem code for 1000 Xes
  • SEOA – Redeem code for 50 Ultimate Common Abrasive
  • SEASON4UPDATE – Redeem code for 1000 Xes
  • Misty – Redeem code for x2 Ultimate Orb
  • Luna – Redeem code for 400 Xes
  • melissa – Redeem code for x5 Mu
  • Garlond – Redeem code for 300 Solarseal
  • Fallensky – Redeem code for 200,000 Gold
  • GLOBAL1YEAR – Redeem code for 528 Xes
  • GROWTH2 – 500 Xes
  • BRUNN – Yorm’s special box
  • signatureforce – Xes
  • NICOLE – Xes
  • Wilkes – Xes
  • Monica – Xes
  • Jinai – Xes
  • Synergy – Xes

How to redeem Exos Heroes codes?

Start the game and go to the Main Menu.

Tap on Account and select the Settings option.

A notification will appear on your screen, asking for the code.

Copy and paste one of the Exos Heroes discount codes from above into the box.

Tap on Confirm to claim the gifts.

You can also use the official redeem site to earn Xbox gift cards.

What’s the best way to obtain more Exos Heroes codes?

Exos Heroes game coupons are occasionally offered on the game’s official Facebook group. Follow the group to get your free passes before they run out. We’ll link you to the most up-to-date versions of our codes as soon as they are available. You may also bookmark us since we update the codes on a regular basis.

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