Alchemy Stars Codes

You must command a team of distinctive heroes in turn-based combat to learn more about the massive world around you and become the most powerful Aurorian there is in Alchemy Stars. Alchemy Stars will surely captivate you thanks to its wonderfully animated cast full of personality and creative gameplay.

With our Alchemy Stars code list, you’ll have plenty of free stuff to use in-game quickly. We will keep this tutorial up to date with all the newest codes, and we will also delete any expired ones as soon as possible so you don’t lose any time playing Alchemy Stars.

Alchemy Stars codes

Alchemy Stars Codes – Updated on October 06, 2022

The latest event codes you can use to obtain free in-game goodies are included in our Alchemy Stars list. Chemist Tencent Games and TOURDOG studio released Alchemy Stars, a tactical RPG mobile gacha game. Players construct a team of Aurorians and utilize their elemental abilities in turn-based conflict by moving them along a path of tiles. In most gacha games, in-game money is the name of the game.

The Alchemy Stars Codes are free, and it’s a wonderful method to earn in-game cash and other special goodies. New codes appear on a regular basis. However, keeping up with them can be difficult. We’ll add any new code as soon as it becomes available! You may bookmark this page to keep track of new changes.

Codes is active

  • Currently no active code

Alchemy Stars Codes Server JP

  • alchemyfanart – Rewards: Anonymous Gift II, 5,000 Nightium
  • Alchemycosplay – Rewards: General Jasper I, 5,000 Nightium
  • alchemyweek2 – Rewards: 150 Lumamber, 10,000 Nightium
  • alchemyweek3 – Rewards: Anonymous Gift II, 5,000 Nightium

Codes has expired

  • AS1V18TH7478
  • FGW1J30S 
  • FGT6VWQ3 
  • by1snomdt 
  • FGV6EP4O 
  • 2U19Q0AD 
  • GG06699Q 
  • ASSK14TH975 
  • ASTH2022VD
  • ASTH2022CNY
  • ASTH2022
  • Lighttower1 
  • queen1
  • northland0
  • grace0
  • Asyouwish
  • lumopolis1202 – Rewards: 300 Lumamber, 1 Star Flare, 30,000 Nighteum, 5 General Jasper I, Maple Bonsai Furniture
  • Stone Forces 
  • Alter Blade 
  • Hired Gunner 
  • alchemystarsbr01
  • alchemystarslatam01
  • alchemystarslatam001
  • alchemystarslatam002
  • alchemystarslatam003
  • The Divine 
  • ocean 
  • manticore brooch
  • whiplash 
  • sunshine – Rewards: 1x Star Flare, 30k Nightium (New!)
  • The Divine – Rewards: 2x Anonymous Gift II, 5x General Jasper I, 3k Nightium (New!)
  • Scarlet Lette – Rewards: 10k Nightium, 150 Heartstones (New!)
  • bonacie – Rewards: 3k Nightium, 2x Tier 1 Jasper for each element (New!)
  • sanguine crystal – Rewards: 5x Anonymous Gift,10k Nightium
  • TirHotel100 – Rewards: 30 Prism, 5000 Nightium
  • alchemystars – 3k Nightium, 200 Heartstone and 2xT2 Gifts (US server)
  • oddjobs 
  • Sakaeblade 
  • dawnflower
  • summer
  • istvan
  • theseed

Instructions for applying Alchemy Stars Codes

  • Let’s launch the game
  • Next, on the left side of your home screen click the Notifications icon
  • You will see a place to redeem the code
  • Click Change Now
  • Choose the right server you are playing on
  • Copy one of the codes that work from the list above
  • Click the Redeem button to get the reward

Get more Alchemy Stars Codes

The simplest and most convenient method to acquire more Alchemy Stars codes is to bookmark our site, as we frequently update it whenever a new code comes out. Alternatively, you can follow the developer’s official Twitter account to get codes as they become available. As soon as you’ve finished your free bonuses, don’t forget to look at our Alchemy Stars tier list!

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